Convert a WordPress site to Bedrock

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For more advanced WordPress sites and apps, you need a dependency manager. Here’s how to convert a WordPress site to Bedrock. Bedrock is a project from that helps WordPress to be built using Composer.

I’ve converted dozens of standard WP installs to Bedrock by hand, and finally wrote a script to automate the process. The Gist is below.

The bedrock conversion process outline:

  • clone bedrock repo
  • copy wp-content folder from source WP
  • install plugins via composer
  • commit non-repo plugins
  • install theme(s) via composer
  • commit non-repo themes
  • set up .env file
  • set up .gitignore file

If you’d like to read a detailed writeup on the manual procedure, Here’s a good article from Neonbrand.

Here’s the Gist: