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About Gabe

I like to build systems with web technologies. My favorite tool is WordPress. It has many associated technologies that I’m skilled in- Linux, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and dozens of other libraries and components that the core team and 3rd party developers often use. There are plenty of web technologies that I regularly interact with that are less specifically related to WordPress. DNS, SSH, SSL, BASH, virtualization, network switches, firewalls, email servers, and plenty more.

My favorite types of projects in WordPress usually fall within the PHP realm. I rarely build full-featured plugins for clients, but commonly I extend them or must understand their code to learn how to use them to achieve the client’s goal. Commonly I enter this space during jobs where my focus is optimization. I might be reviewing theme or plugin code for a way to shave a few milliseconds of the time it takes PHP to render a request. The WP caching API is a great tool that is commonly not implemented in plugins that can be utilized to reduce redundant computation. Some plugins overuse external API’s, and caching those API requests can be a good way to speed up a site. I enjoy building integrations with external  API’s in general. The process of taking some sort of data and reconstructing it so that it can be used in another way can be fun and challenging.

I’ve been living in Seattle working with WordPress since version 2.7…which was 2008! I’m active in the local WordPress community.

Gabe Herbert

Gabe Herbert