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Gabe Herbert Developer

Gabe is my go-to person for all server-related issues & little techie dev things I don’t know how to achieve. He’s the best!

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Here's what I can do for you...

Performance Optimization

It’s critical for web sites to load quickly. There are dozens of tools for optimizing performance, and these are my favorite:

  • W3 Total Cache- It’s almost like telling your site to write its own reusable code. The hard work gets done once and is saved for later.
  • CloudFlare- A security and optimization CDN with a free tier that offers a lot of value.

Host Migration

There are many technologies co-existing on your hosting platform. I’ve done enough of these to make your migration painless.

  • Databases
  • SSL- Encryption between your server and visitors’ web browsers
  • Static IP’s- usually required for SSL
  • Domain management- your .com domains are different than your web site.
  • DNS configuration
  • Email accounts & services- a new host probably means a new email server
  • Hosting environments- each web host is a bit, or drastically, different

Security & Maintenance

The modern web is dynamic. Like a running machine, the software on your site needs to be cared for.

  • Backups- Backups are a must for every web site.
  • Sandboxed updates- I clone sites to a staging server to ensure that regular updates won’t have any unexpected consequences
  • Security hardening- There are people and robots who want to steal you site’s fruit- don’t be caught low-hanging!
  • Malware prevention- Yes, these are like diseases.